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2018 Adobe Design Achievement Awards : SEMIFINALIST

Lake Louise Ice magic Festival

( updated on Aug. 22, 2018 )

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Jan. 9, 2018 - Apr. 3, 2018

Used Tool

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign


Visual Identity - Poster


Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival is an existing multi-day Canadian winter festival. The research report establishes a new bilingual visual identity and applies the visual identity to a poster - which is a foundational element in a visual system that I extend to a spectrum of applications in later phases of this project.


Part 1: Research Report

This Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival report presents the research in a form of written report, with images.

View full report here ( 11 pages in total )

The report describes the festival, and its purpose, the theme, calendar of the events, target audience(s) in terms of demographic and psychographics. Describe key personas with visuals.


Part 2: Statement of Intent & Mood Board



As a functional poster with aesthetic design, the design needs to be easy to read and attractive. The first objective is to provide a logical of communicating to the target market and audiences. The design needs to show the information clearly and accurately, for example, the name, dates and time for the events. It can also include the basic information such as the calendar of the events, prices of the tickets, contact information, the map of the Banff National Park. To make the design more functional, the design needs to provide more navigation or information details. An instruction map may consider being put on the design, which would help people (tourism or the participants) to get the correct directions on the map. The map should include the basic location information, for example, the hotels and the washroom, the place for the competitions, parking lot, etc. Moreover, it includes the service center which can guide people if they lost the way or need some help.


After all the general content /information, the other objective is to create an attractive poster. When the design is attractive, people may take a look and read the content. The design has the ability to stick in viewers' minds. Then the design is successful to get their attention of upcoming events. This is the most important objective to attract people to come and join the festival. Also, it can lure nearby people into a specific event and alert them of an upcoming product or service. This can help for increasing the brand awareness as a promotional function.


Overall, the design for the festival offers guidance on creating beautiful landscapes that successfully reconnect people with larger natural systems.


5 Key Words that capture its essence

Ice, Magic, Winter, Wild, Adventure


Inspiration for the mood board

( online images )



Mood board

( colour scheme + online images )


Part 3: Visual Identity & Poster Concepts



Part 4: Final Poster



Festival Web & Mobile Presence



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