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Herb Lubalin - Avant Garde


Herbert Lubalin

Herbert F. (Herb) Lubalin born in New York city, United States (March 17, 1918 - May 24, 1981). He was an American graphic designer. Lubalin was a prominent American typographic designer working across many graphic fields including some popular logo, posters, advertising, typefaces, and editorial design.

Lubalin’s designs were looser and more experimental than traditional periodicals. He was recognized as an innovator and iconoclast. Lubalin made the changes in technology, and helped phototypesetting, a process of projecting type onto film for printing, gave designers in the 1960s much more freedom than setting metal type. Throughout the 1960s, Lubalin collaborated with publisher Ralph Ginzburg on three progressive magazines that reflected the changing sexual and political culture of the era: Eros, Fact, and Avant Garde.