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Canadian Children Diabetes Foundation 


overview of project

Canadian Children Diabetes Foundation (CCDF) is a new and non-profit foundation for children diagnosed with diabetes. CCDF records the blood sugar levels of these children with accuracy and care. It aims to help diabetic children and their families to live a better life. 


Since diabetes usually occurs in elders, seldom to children, Canada has no specific local diabetes foundation for children currently. In response to the different needs of diabetic children and their families, this project has taken this challenge by creating a new brand and naming it the Canadian Children Diabetes Foundation. It’s brand voice is devoted to be considerate, accessible, and user-friendly for children. It also provides both a professional device and diabetes app for children and their families. 

CCDF’s approach hopes to support and encourage diabetics children and their family or guardians that they can still have a full life and create a sense of community. 

Understanding parents worry about their children with diabetes starts or returns to school, CCDF records the blood sugar levels of these children with accuracy and care with our blood sugar meter and the CCDF diabetes app. This offers a unique platform for children, allows them to regain their independence. The simplicity and accessibility of this brand and app help put it on top.


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