Packaging /advertising / 2019

AQUA FINS - Package Design


Duration :  

2.5 months. Jan. 15 - Apr. 2, 2019


Used Tool : 

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Laser cutter - Speedy 300 trotec

Sticker Printing - Roland Print & Cut

Aqua fins-brand-logo.png


AQUA FINS is a manufacturer that specializes in aquariums and understands the difficulties as a beginner aquarist. The company's main goal is to show its customers aquariums can bring an incredible aesthetic to their home.




AQUA FINS essential aquarium starter kit is a fast and easy way to set up your first aquarium. The essential starter kit includes all the vital and basic needs for your fishes. The packaging is playful, educational, and designed to appeal to aquarium enthusiasts. The brand colour is light blue, with illustrations of vibrant coloured fish on the packaging. These illustrations and vibrant colours are used to appeal to customers and bring a little bit of nature into their homes. 

The starter aquarium has the capacity of 0.5 gallons (2.8L) and comes with a variety of components such as a glass bucket tank, water conditioner, fish food, and plastic plants.  The tank is circular in shape which provides a great view of your fishy friends from every angle. It is lightweight enough to place in most parts of your home and makes feeding easy with a convenient feeding window on the hood of the aquarium. The exterior of the tank also features an aesthetic wavy pattern. 



To aid the customer with the use and maintenance of their first aquarium, a small beginner handbook is included with the supply kit. Each booklet comes with a sheet of stickers and can be used for decorative purposes. Children and teenagers can learn a sense of responsibility by taking care of a pet fish and eventually become an aquarist in the future. 


To avoid extra waste one side of AQUA FINS supply kit can be unfolded and made into another basket which can be used for larger storage purposes and can also hold aquarium supplies and tools. The fish-net is designed to hang on the side of the tank when it is used.

[Environmental friendly]

Along with being user friendly, AQUA FINS uses eco-friendly inks for printing and also uses recycled paper for its unique packaging. The kits are also made of non-toxic materials which causes no harm to the environment and ensures your finned friends are safe.  



Background image - Madison Dumas

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Brainstorm & Sketches


Experiments and modified the logos




Thank you

Professor Albert Ng

YSDN Student Madison Dumas